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Meandering gently between waking life and the dream world.

Sharing our musings on all things dream and sleep related.

Dreamers using four connected lucia lamps

Testing the Imaginarium - A Four Way Hypnagogic Light Experience with Dr. Engelbert Winkler & Dr. Dirk Proeckl

Daniel & Sarah met each other at the Light Eye Mind Salon in North London, where they had both been invited to test a new hypnagogic light machine called The Imaginarium, designed by Dr Engelbert Winkler and Dr Dirk Proeckl.

The Imaginarium is proto-type hypnagogic light machine that can be used simultaneously by four individuals. It uses for powerful Lucia No.3 lucid lamps, which use a wide spectrum of light to activate the pineal gland and induce a hypnagogic state of awareness. All of the lucia lamps are connected to the same specially tailored audio output and will run the same light sequence in tandem. This provides the opportunity for several participants to enter the hypnagogic state together and compare their shared experiences after.

Here at Awake & Away we are interested in exploring the possibilites of shared lucid dream experiences. We think 'The Imaginarium' provides a great platform for multiple users to be quickly induced into the hypnagogic state simultaneously. This would allow experienced dreamers the opportunity to retain conscious awareness of the self while transitioning from the waking state to the dream world in the same time and proximity as other lucid dreamers.

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2nd February 2018
Ancient dream incubation image

Ancient Art of Lucid Dreaming - LDN Talk Monday March 12th 2018

Sarah Janes will be presenting research from her upcoming book, Lake of Mnemosyne - a study of the ancient practice of Temple Sleep.

In the ancient world, many cultures built temples dedicated to healing through sleep and sacred dreams. Elaborate systems of fasting, dedication, ritual drama, invocation and dream interpretation remained commonplace for many thousands of years.

The practice is well-evidenced in ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman archaeology and literature. It reveals many secrets relating to the journey of human consciousness, the evolution of memory and language, the mind-body connection, the placebo effect and the unconscious mind’s response to story and symbolism.

Clearly the sleep temples were effectively used, but how, and would these methods still work today? 

For more information and to buy tickets visit The Funzing Experience website - Ancient Dream Practices.

9th February 2018
Egyptian dream hieroglyphic

Ancient Art of Lucid Dreaming - Funzing Talk in Bristol Wednesday March 7th 2018

Physical health, emotional wellbeing and cognitive functioning are inextricably entangled within the altered state we encounter in dreams. Sleep states can be easily optimised through good practice and conscious effort, but in the modern world, we often find ourselves rushed out of bed, over-stimulated, caffeinated, light-polluted and essentially not ‘fully present’.

The effect sleep has upon our happiness and fitness is woefully underestimated by contemporary zombie culture. To return to a more natural state, we have to find a way to dis-engage from the unnatural rhythms of technology and re-harmonise with biological rhythms set by the cycles of the planet. To be healthy, our circadian clock should be set by the natural phases of light and dark experienced as Earth rotates on its axis.

With each new rotation of the Earth, we emerge from darkness and enter light. As the Earth turns counterclockwise each day, we are carried about 24,900 miles, at 600mph (in the UK) and Earth orbits our Sun at 67,000mph. We live in a rhythmical, cyclical, fractal, vibrational, electrical universe - there is a living pulse. Our existence is miraculous, divine. Our perception however is manufactured. Experience, culture, language, habit and practice are the forces that have sculpted our perceptual apparatus over time and this ‘hardware’ defines the bandwidth at which our awareness is set.

If we can find a continuity, a bridge between our waking and dreaming body, we can work towards integrating our spiritual, physical and emotional selves. We can bring some wisdom from the infinite divine into the finite physical life we experience on Earth. We can sleepwalk with open eyes through the many veils that obscure us from The All. The current psychedelic renaissance aspires to these same great goals, but I believe the dream state (especially lucidity), with a bit of luck and patience, is the ultimate safe, wholesome and integrative psychedelic experience. This initiation into divinity was the highest purpose of the ancient practice of Temple Sleep. At the core was a very strongly held belief that sleeping and dreaming could permit an individual to make contact with the Gods and in doing so, change physical reality.

For more information and to buy tickets visit The Funzing Experience website - Ancient Dream Practices.

16th February 2018
Dream Telepathy Carving

Dream Telepathy Experiment - Saturday March 31st 2018

Sarah Janes is hosting a dream telepathy experiment to explore the possibilities of Dream Telepathy.

Harnessing the power of the full moon Sarah Janes will be projecting an image in the lucid dream state for others to connect with telepathically.

Join us on this auspicious occasion and exercise your psychic abilities.

It is important to be well rested and have several consecutive good nights sleep before the full moon. On the night set your inention to become lucid and see the target image being projected. If you manage to become lucid then ask out loud for the target image to be revealed to you. If you wake up at any point during the night write down any recollections, even if they are just snippets of information.

For more information visit Sarah's website - The Mysteries. org. and sign up to her newsletter.

23rd February 2018

"When you enter the abode of the god;
Which smells of incense, you must be pure;
And thought is pure when you think with piety."
Inscription at Propylaia, the main entrance of the Sanctuary of Asklepios 

Ancient Sleep Temple in Greece

A Dream Cure? The effective healing power of dream incubation in ancient Greece.

In the ancient world, many cultures built elaborate temple complexes dedicated to their healer gods - Imhotep in Egypt and Asklepios in Greece for example. These gods were recognized as having the power to cure supplicants from a variety of ailments within sleep and sacred dreams. Those who desired healing might travel many hundreds of miles to reach such a temple, working through periods of fasting and purification, taking part in invocation rituals, drinking water from holy, mineral-rich springs and observing a variety of other devotional customs before finally lying down upon a ‘sacred skin’ (called a kline in ancient Greek - from which we derive clinic) to await a curative reverie. This process was called incubation - ‘to lie upon’

You might describe a sleep temple as a sort of hospital for the spirit body. Although real-life operations did also take place, the sleep temple was primarily an infirmary for that ethereal aspect of our being that slips into unmanifested realms each night when we fall asleep.

Sleep states and dream revelations were viewed as important indicators of health, and dreams were seen as an opportunity for mortals to connect with higher divine energies capable of inspiring miraculous healing...

You can read the full article on Ancient-Origins. net.

2nd March 2018
Ancient Site in Athens

Eleusinian Mystery Dream Retreat, Athens - 17th to 25th September 2018

Awake and Away are really excited to announce a special mystery themed dream incubation retreat in Athens this September. Join us in Greece for a week as we visit some important ancient sites, including the Asclepieion, situated on the southern slopes of the Acropolis. We shall be working through the procedures of the Mysteries and connecting with the powerful earth energies present at this special place and time.

Please note there will be very limited places available on this dream retreat so book early to ensure satisfaction.

Full details will be updated very soon on our Dream retreats page.

 9th March 2018

"In all human affairs there are efforts, and there are results, and the strength of the effort is the measure of the result. Chance is not. "Gifts," powers, material, intellectual, and spiritual possessions are the fruits of effort; they are thoughts completed, objects accomplished, visions realized." 
J. Allen

Horses in a field in Llanthony, Brecon Beacon

Roadtrip to Brecon Beacon: Lucid Dreaming retreat 13th to 16th July 2018

Sarah and Daniel took a roadtrip to Wales to visit the venue in Llanthony, Brecon Beacon and make sure all the preparation is underway for the dream retreat this July.

The Wainhouse Bunk Barn is a converted stone barn and it's looking great. It's cozy, clean, and dark; which is an ideal environment to practice deep mindful sleeping throughout the weekend. The communal dining table seats sixteen dreamers comfortably next to the big wood burning stove which Sarah will be using to brew a special dream elixir.

It was great to do a proper recce and explore the area further in advance of the retreat this 13th July. We have found a fantastic flowing natural spring that surfaces in a pictureque meadow on the outskirts of Llanthony Forest. There's nothing like fresh mountain water to cleanse and rehydrate.

There is magic in the Black Mountains and we look forward to sharing it with you.

30th April 2018
Freud Museum for d.Rem event

d.REM, A Dream Sensorium - Freud Museum 25th May 2018

d.REM is a curatorial project conceived by Allegra Shorto to explore the connection between art and dreams. On 25th May the Freud Museum in London opened it's doors and invited guests to spend the night sleeping in the museum while artists attempted to influence and creatively shape their dreams.

Awake + Away were really looking forward to seeing how the museum would be transformed especially for dreamers to experience something unique.

There was a performance of 'The Divine Dreamer' by Mikael Oberg which acted like a bed-time story of an adventure between dissolution and creation of the universe. Lucid dreaming guide Tree Carr then performed a tea ceremony before guests were encouraged to go to sleep and dream.

Dreamers were asked to keep a journal of any nocturnal activity to be used for scientific research exploring how sensory information can arouse dreams and trigger lucidity.

 26th May 2018

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