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Eleusinian Mystery Dream Retreat

17th-25th September 2018
Accommodation ticket only - price £tbc 

This dream retreat will be limited to 14 spaces only - advance reservations available by email.

Join Sarah in Athens this September where she will be hosting a mystery themed dream incubation retreat. 

This is a unique opportunity to visit some ancient sites including the Asclepieion situated on the southern slopes of the Acropolis. We shall be working through the procedures of the Mysteries and connecting with the powerful earth energies present at this special place and time.


Monday 17th September - meet at Athens airport 2.00pm.
Tuesday 25th September - final workshop will conclude at 11:30am.

All transfers are included to and from Athens international airport. Flights are not included..


In the ancient world an elaborate temple complex was built in dedication to their healer god Asklepios. It is recognized that Asklepios would have the power to cure supplicants from a variety of ailments, within sleep and sacred dreams.

Anyone who desired healing might travel many hundreds of miles to reach such a temple, working through periods of fasting and purification, taking part in invocation rituals, drinking water from holy, mineral-rich springs and adhering to a variety of other devotional customs.

Finally they would lay down upon a ‘sacred skin’ (called a kline in ancient Greek - from which we derive the word clinic) to await a curative reverie. This process was called incubation - ‘to lie upon’.

Where better to explore the mystery of dream incubation that in a dream temple itself?

What's included in this retreat? 
Learn the ancient art of dream incubation

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